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motivational-wallpaper-self-esteem-1080x608It starts the same way for all of us. We are born as infants fully reliant on our parents or caregivers to supply our every need. We slowly begin to develop both physically and mentally and begin to integrate our existence with the lives of others. We develop these skills as a result of nurturing or the innate will for instinctive survival.

At some point during this developmental phase we approach a fork in the road. Some follow the fork that leads to new opportunities for growth and personal development; others maintain the only path they have ever known, the path of simple survival.


As we traverse these two paths, the experiences we encounter lead to the development of our CHARACTER. This, in essence, is the integration of all our experiences resulting in the principles we follow to live our lives. These experiences shape our morals, and ethics providing…

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  1. I have encountered that self-pride religion/personal growth issue many times. But I only have fleeting moments of self-pride to work with. When I feel satisfaction in something well accomplished, that, of course, makes me feel self-pride. Then, a week later, I’m reminded about Pride being one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Usually, the self-pride gets pushed aside, and I return to the depressed, immobile person that I tend to be from day to day.


    • Personally – I believe the pride that belongs as one of the 7 deadlies is “I shall be like God” — that’s the one that got ol’ Lucifer in trouble. But even then, any self achievement gets shot down in a hurry …

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