another morning

i awoke with the sun in my eyes
as a cool, gentle breeze
glided through the window
beside the bed
and all i could think of
during that quiet moment
is how much i hated my life

i stood in the shower
as the warm water
cascaded over me
refreshing and reviving
opening me
to feelings of despair
and hopelessness
yet another day
i have to survive

i counted out the pills
and the supplements
to balance my sugar
stabilize my heart
and calm my nerves
hoping against hope
for a sudden allergy
to stop my breath
and set me free

i search and find cause
to give thanks
that my family and friends
the few and far between
have no cause to mourn
for one more day
even though i still believe
in the long run
they’d be far better off

and somewhere
deep in the recesses
of my soul
a quiet
yet indomitable spirit
celebrates its victory
one more time


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