Suicide: When Your Sorrow Feels Too Dark

The Invisible Scar

[photo credit: flick user darren bertram] [photo credit: flick user darren bertram] In memory of SKB

Sometimes, adult survivors of emotional child abuse feel a deepening sadness that grows heavier and heavier with time. The burden of it can feel too much to carry… and they may think about suicide.

So, we need to talk about suicide… and to discuss it with compassion and without judgment.

Let’s drag this howling monster from the shadows and force it to the spotlight, so we can see what it truly is and talk about finding help to battle suicidal thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to discuss this subject. The mention of the word “suicide” will not summon death. It is not an evil spell that a person can cast. Most importantly, we can weaken suicide’s seemingly overwhelming power when we discuss it and seek healthier solutions for such severe depression.

After all, suicide is a tragic death… and yet…

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2 thoughts on “Suicide: When Your Sorrow Feels Too Dark

  1. Thanks for this post! As a sexual abuse survivor, and someone who’s been close to that edge, I also think it’s time to find another way to discuss suicide. For some reason, it seems really hard to convince so many folks that it’s not just “giving up” or “looking for attention”, or some kind of “inherent weakness” when someone ends their life, or comes close. I’ve seen the blank stares as I’ve tried to explain what it feels like for someone to think that the people they love, and the world, would be better off without them in it. I’ve tried to explain how it feels when the emotional pain and darkness are so severe, they think the only way out is to end their life. I’ve been sober and somewhat sane for the past 23+ years, and I still remember that feeling. I can still feel glimpses of that dark place trying to suck me back in, and luckily I have the tools to deal with it today. I lost a great friend and mentor to suicide a few years back…and after witnessing the devastation of that event, I’m so glad I never pulled that trigger!

    Let’s get this conversation started!!

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    • Thank you for this wonderful comment! And for sharing the truth from your own life. You’re right – unless someone has been at that edge, that horrible place – they can’t understand.
      I lost two close friends the same year to suicide. I’ve lost others not so close. Too many for several lifetimes. We need to be able to discuss this as much as the truth of male child sexual abuse.

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