what is worth?

worth.  it’s been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve always dealt with issues of my own worth, my own value, after being devalued for so long growing up.  but my thoughts are turned outward of late.

I am amazed, depressed, and angered by the number of responses to the Orlando shooting that it was “God’s work” or “serves them right”.  People so lost in their own hatred of others they don’t see the pain in one life lost, much less fifty.

But what I’ve seen lately turns my stomach.  It’s the alarming number of people who just aren’t concerned.  They shrug their shoulders and go on with their “whatever” attitude … This burns more than the hatred.  How can anyone devalue life so much that the cruel taking of a life spurs no response at all?  How do you get so disconnected with the heartbeats around you…  Don’t get me wrong – I understand disconnecting and pulling away to protect yourself.  I do it often enough.

But this … I just don’t get it.  No matter how much I would love at times to pull away from the pain that permeates news like the Orlando shooting, I can’t.  Somehow, somewhere, even after everything in my life, I have become hard-wired to the pulse of others.

Where does one learn to withdraw to such an extent that life has no value, no worth?  If I don’t like the “lifestyle you choose” – does that give me the right to ignore you?  Maybe it does.  But having the “right” to do something does not make that the “right” thing to do.

I hurt.  My family was viciously violated in Orlando.  A city I’ve never seen, people I’ve never met, but that does not lessen the truth.

People were killed for being different.

Lives were lost.

And, at least in my world – they had far too much worth for such an end.


9 thoughts on “what is worth?

  1. Agreed. I felt a huge pain inside, when I read that news report, and had tears in my eyes cause it was so horrible. Felt powerless though, but still so sad.. I wonder if it can be that some people just get “numb” from all the reports about war, killing and so on…. I don’t know really. I am like you, I feel it strongly, and especially a horror like this, where people were killed just for “being who they are”, basically… Even if I am not religious I can not help but hope that the victims are in a good and peaceful place now..
    My heart really aches for their families!

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