the inheritance

time to repost.
i hate recurring themes … but they do happen. this morning is one of those where the “simple” act of getting ready for work is heavy with reminders of the past. those times i would sooner forget but have become so ingrained as to be part of who i am.
sometimes the hatred for the man is almost too much to bare.

survivor road

breeding hate
in its fiercest form
so many acts
deeds done
or things said
starting the seedlings
that slowly entwine my heart
carrying the genetic material
that makes me one of his
his semblance molded into me completely
is what I hate, that which is most shameful

a happening……?

or something within me?

the final breeding ground
for all the betrayal
lack of care
spiteful cruelty
yet there is one thing
most hated
most despised
and most shameful
and every morning
I deal with it anew
as I stand at the mirror
torn between
shaving his face

and slitting his throat

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2 thoughts on “the inheritance

  1. Very powerful writing! Glad you posted it again, I would have missed this one otherwise.
    I sort of get goose bumps when I read this, cause it is so intense in its emotions…
    I am sorry for the pain that is felt behind these words!
    Thanks for sharing. Hugs! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the read & comments. I’m both glad and sad that this can connect to so many people. To know others have been hurt and can relate in any fashion is comforting … and yet, not.


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