so who’s to blame for Orlando?

There seems to be a “need” to place blame somewhere for Orlando other than on the man who pulled the trigger.  I don’t get it.

Some want to blame the gun – and call for stricter gun control.  The shooter was a security guard, licensed.  Better gun control would not have stopped him.  Is gun control needed?  Possibly.  Probably.  But let’s not blame Orlando on that issue.  It wouldn’t have changed anything.

Blame has also been pointed to the religious right and their “anti-LGBT” sentiments.  The shooter was pledged to ISIS – a believer in Islam.  The religious right’s beliefs, whether “right” or “wrong” did not bring Orlando about.

Blame ISIS?  This was not a “contract killing”, at least not that I have read/heard anywhere.  The shooter made his decisions.  If he was a life-long Independent political follower, would we blame the Independent party?

Or maybe he was just mentally ill and should be forgiven?

I got it – blame political correctness.  Reportedly, the shooter’s employer was warned he was hateful against gays but did nothing because he was Muslim and it wouldn’t be right to target him because of that …

One of the saddest shots to date – blame the victims.

If blame is to be set, I, myself, can only see one place to place it.  On the shooter himself.  He chose to take the weapon into the club and murder people.

This is not a time to push our own agendas and fool people into believing the blame lies somewhere other than on the person who created the carnage.

I realize, if we can pass blame for Orlando on something other than the one who pulled the trigger, we can justify doing it for ourselves.  It’s time to grow up  and accept ownership of what we do.  We, the people, are responsible for our actions.  Stop trying to get off the hook by saying “the devil made me do it”.

Get real, people.  The man shot others.  Killed and wounded others.  It was his act.  Done by him.  Regardless of what he believed, HE committed the crime.

He alone bears the blame.


My two cents.


2 thoughts on “so who’s to blame for Orlando?

  1. Beautifully said Marcus… It’s certainly nice to see someone thinking clearly instead of what the media and politicians spew out at us all day long just to promote their own agendas…
    Thank you…

    Liked by 1 person

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