A tragedy, pure and simple

so many lives — TOO many lives hit

A Munky on Merseyside

Been back from holiday for two weeks now, the holiday high has worn off and we are back to reality. My sleep patterns are a bit weird, making mine the best in the house, my wife’s insomnia is causing concern and my son is exhausted. Then there’s the news which is full of fluff, football and fear mongering.

Then there’s Orlando. 50 shot and killed by one man and all you can see on social media is blame, posturing and politics. The fact they were gay is secondary to the fact they were people, innocent lives lost for no reason at all. The fact the shooter was muslim, is also secondary to the fact that he murdered over four dozen people and horrifically harmed many many more. This isn’t a case of white privilege, but an acknowledgement that maybe we shouldn’t be looking for the message or the ‘narrative’ of…

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