fired the doctor

The end of the road.  Leg cramps and foot pain at night is at an all-time high.  So I write the good ol’ doctor to give him update status, he writes back and asks

  • Have I increased medication 123?
    Keep in mind – he and I had increased it two weeks prior and the side effects were devastating so we cancelled the med completely.
  • Have I contacted the neurologist?
    Again – the neurologist had sent in his report and when I first contacted him on med effects status he told me to only contact my main physician.  So why would I contact anyone different?  But, my good ol’ doctor forwarded my information to the neurologist anyway.  And they prescribed two more medications, one being an antidepressant and one being a strong muscle relaxer with heavy side effects, including apnea issues.

Now, my doctor, I would have thought, would have reviewed my records and seen

  • Marc reacts badly to antidepressants – they increase depression – so keep him off of them
  • Marc has severe sleep apnea – any medications that can increase apnea are not to be used

But does he say anything?  Sure – “take the meds as prescribed by the neurologist”.

Add to the mix – Kaiser has started the ability to “FaceTime” visits and not come into the office.  My good ol’ doctor recommends it – he’s not a “touchy-feely type” and would rather not touch patients.  (yes, from his mouth to my ears.  why is this man in the medical field????)

So I fired him.  After having him remove the two new medications from my records.  The last thing I need is to end up in an emergency room somewhere and them giving me meds that I shouldn’t be taking.

Long story longer – I am now searching through Kaiser’s oh-so-robust physician list to find someone in my area that I might want to try to trust.

GAH – I hate physicians!


11 thoughts on “fired the doctor

  1. Marcus, if your state has a department of managed care I strongly recommend that you file a grievance against Kaiser. Kaiser is a multi-billion dollar a year HMO that consistently places the needs its profit margin above the needs of its patients. You’re doctor ‘doesn’t like’ face time because ‘face time’ cuts profit. The only way to hold Kaiser accountable is for people to exercise the few rights we have and one of those is the right to file a grievance.

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  2. My Neurologist increased my dosage of 10mg of Baclofen a day, to one, three times a day. I just came in from a group rummage sale (story for another time) and no more than transferred to my recliner, and I was asleep for next two hours. I have no idea how it is affecting my sleep apnea, but it can’t be good, as this med is a muscle relaxer {increased spasticity caused the increase of medication). My doctor simply refers me to the Neurologist, or the Urologist, or I don’t know how many ‘ologists, in order to diagnose or treat me for anything other than acid reflux.


  3. I agree whole heartily! I can’t take anything that the side effect is trouble breathing, I was on life support 7days and Will not do it again. The only thing I take prescription for pain is lidocaine patches and they’re trying to take that away. Your in my thoughts and prayers it’s a nonstop battle.

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