what blogging has taught me

Reading through some of my favorite sites this morning, and finding a few new ones to enjoy, it dawned on me a lot has happened since April of 2015 when I ventured (for the third time) into the land of blogging.

  1. I have something to say.
    This was actually a bit of a surprise.  A nice one, but a surprise none-the-less.
  2. People will read what I have to say.
    This was a MAJOR surprise.  That people would not only accept what I have to say, but “follow” my site and continue reading.  For a guy with little-to-no self esteem, this was more difficult to accept than one might imagine.
  3. There are a LOT of interesting blogs out there.
    I knew people blogged – I’d run into sites before.  But I don’t think I fully comprehended the vast scope of subjects being blogged about.  I may not grasp it all yet.
  4. I don’t have to agree with every site I visit.
    Whether or not I agree with all that is being said – I have learned (and am learning) to at least consider the thoughts being shared.
  5. There are countless good people with things to say.
    Opening up is not always easy for me.  Ok, so it’s rarely easy for me.  But others are doing it.  And I have learned through my reading that being fearful of opening oneself up to the scrutiny of others is not unusual.  In fact, just the opposite.  Regardless of the subject, being open with your heart to unseen multitudes can be daunting.  And yet people do it.  So many writers wanting to help others, and sharing themselves in the process.
  6. This is an ok world.
    Regardless of what I pick up from news – the world is filled with value and beauty.  Sometimes you just need to stop long enough to see it.
  7. And …
    There are likely multiple more things that could (and should) be listed here, but I will stop at this point and say I am still having my eyes opened by the posts of others.  For all my fellow bloggers – thank you.  Your sharing is an exceptional treasure and I applaud you for your willingness to be open.  I am proud to consider myself part of such a varied and talented multitude!

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