the simple questions will kill you

triggered again
by the simplest question
and like a bolt of lightning
my heart is seared
and I lie crying in the dark
trying to ignore the pain
that isn’t real
but feels as agonizing
as the day
it happened


9 thoughts on “the simple questions will kill you

  1. Triggers are the worst. Especially when they c ome from out of the blue. Perfume, sounds or sights. I even worked up nerve to go back to the school where the last attack happened … the year from hell, sometimes it seems it’s been that ever since

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    • I understand “year from hell” – especially those “memories of hell” that get triggered by the smallest thing. Of course, there’s no way to prepare for a trigger, best we can do is find “grounding” methods to hopefully remember to call on after the trigger.


  2. Hi Marcus, I try to remember a trigger is only a cell memory illusion producing fear which is also an illusion. The only thing that is real is the love you have for yourself. Love trumps fear after recognizing it is only an illusion. But it can be a bitch getting from point A to point B. Be well my friend. Powerful writing.

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