a beautiful, rainy day

It’s cloudy, wet, rainy … I suppose some might see it as a “miserable” day.  To me it’s glorious. I’ve always liked the rain; in college in Southern California, rainy nights were my favorite time for taking a long walk.  Something cleansing, refreshing, about a downpour.

And maybe it’s just my outlook is different today.  Because of the rain or in spite of the rain?  Who knows.  But does it matter?  Probably not.

The thing is, I got up this morning to leg cramps extraordinaire.  Agonizing, mean, debilitating … all those “bad” words.  And yet, here I sit, smiling, enjoying life, such as it is.

And I’m not questioning it, I’m sharing it.  My hope and prayer for each reader of this post is that your day is what you need from it.  May it be sunny or not, wet or dry, matters little.  As long as you have inner peace.

Days like this are too seldom for me and I can’t let one go by without “spreading it around”.

Peace, my friends.



8 thoughts on “a beautiful, rainy day

  1. You made me smile. My wife is the exact same way. She loves rainy days. Most people think of it as something negative, but there is something wonderful about watching the rain through your window. Nice post. Be well my friend.

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  2. I’ve always loved the rain too. It IS cleansing and renewing, and there’s magic on rainy days. I hope the rain from your coast reaches mine this week..we need it! I’ve enjoyed your writing, it’s inspiring, and I will be back for more.

    Blessings to you


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