tired of it all

so the neuropathy in my feet makes me unstable – i walk with a cane
my legs suffer from cramps, severe at night
neurologist prescribes muscle relaxer (baclofen)
half-pill at night … increased to whole pill
pills worsen my apnea, do nothing for the cramps
so now the “specialist” wants to increase me to two pills twice a day
four-times the amount
any apnea issue is all in my head – the pills wouldn’t do that
(they ARE a muscle relaxer …)
so i have a choice
leg cramps
or stop breathing

lucky me

i’m through
i’m ready to go home and chuck all the meds
and take whatever comes

screw it


4 thoughts on “tired of it all

  1. My neurologist prescribed 10mg Baclofen at noon and bedtime, when the spasticity in my legs took off like a freight train. Don’t know if it affects my apnea, because my other meds totally knock me out for the night. It does help with the spasticity though. I was having trouble going to sleep because my legs, shoulders, feet, arms would not stop jerking.

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