mornings like this

to search for acceptance
for understanding
or love

I stand at the crossroads
longing for truth
hoping for peace

he haunted my night
as so often is the case
when sleep abandons
and torment rejoices

my cries – stifled
my pleas – unanswered
my pain – his delight

and so I remain
in vain

for in truth
it matters little
which path is picked
or even
to retrace my steps
and go back

because there is no resolution
no answer

which leaves me pondering
why I continue at all
on mornings like this



9 thoughts on “mornings like this

  1. Aww Marcus this is so moving…I feel those feelings you felt inside me right now reading this. I’m a sexual abuse survivor and although I’m female can relate so much to your beautiful writing. I hope writing brings healing for you-lots of hugs xxx

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    • Thank you for the visit and the kind words. There was a time I thought a woman would never understand – I have (thankfully) come to the realization that abuse leaves us all strewn along the same pathway.

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      • I’ve attended many adult survivor groups and heard men speak about their experiences (and watched them cry too,) so that’s given me a great insight and made me realise abuse universally has devastating effects regardless of gender. X

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  2. Beautiful and sad. I don’t presume to completely understand your torment since I have not been through that which you have. But your poems does a great job of explaining the feelings. And make me wish I could help take away some of this pain, although that is impossible.. Hugs! πŸ’œ

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