actually good news

diagnosis is back.  I do not, repeat not, have MS.  What I do have is severe peripheral neuropathy, mostly in my feet and lower legs, which is causing a great instability when I stand or walk.

Add to it my encroaching arthritis, and I’m just a guy with diabetes getting old.

And the best news?

My A1C (blood sugar level) is 2 points below the top of “normal”.  Doctor says no need to check again for six months.

good news indeed.  and I’m taking it and RUNNING with it!


11 thoughts on “actually good news

  1. That is good news, Marcus! My A1C hopped a bit and they marked me down as “Pre-diabetic”. I cut out six months of sweets and crud I shouldn’t have been eating anyway, and it dropped to 4.5 from 6.9.

    Sadly. arthritis gets most of us in the end – or, in my case, the wrist and left big toe (of all places). My doc says I have the body of a 50-year-old (and he’s mad as hell and wants it back).


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  2. Great! Now if I could get and keep my blood pressure down, I might feel a lot better, despite the fact I’m going through an MS flare-up, causing many of the muscles in my legs to jump and quiver, whenever they feel like it, especially in the late afternoon, evening, and when I go to bed. My Neurologist prescribed a muscle relaxer, to be taken at noon and bedtime. My legs are quiet for the time being, and I’m hoping this keeps up until I take the next pill at bedtime.

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