no need anymore

i stand in the still of night
listening to the voices
sounding in my mind
screaming for attention
demanding i listen
to their destructive

tears paint my face
creating a clear veil
that offers nothing
but bitter shame

my muscles convulse
in spasms of agony
as the void within
draws the very life
from my being

i am tired of searching
for what does not exist
in the rubble and decay
of my life

the only question
that remains
is which path to take
all are but circles
within the dark
and nothing really matters


6 thoughts on “no need anymore

  1. this makes me feel so sad that there doesn’t seem to be any silver lining. Powerfully conveyed emotions of utter darkness and gloom. I hope the circle turns in an upwards direction for you sooner rather than later 🙂


  2. I was at this point last evening. I thought putting on a happy face at work would get me off it…back home to the exact same place. Need to find an end to this circle…we both do.


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