what exactly is “healthy eating”?

Maybe I worry too much.  Ok, strike that – it is true, I do worry too much.  Part of my stress-out routine.  But that’s a side track outside of where I plan on going with this.

Do you “eat healthy”?  I used to think I did, then came to realize I didn’t, so I changed my diet, several times.  I’m now on one that watches they types of food I eat – abstaining from those things I know will bother me in some form:  gluten, white rice, processed sugar, skim milk, etc.  By simply changing my diet I’ve lost 40 of the 62 pounds I need to drop.  The other 22 would probably be easier to lose if I’d exercise, but that, too, is a side track I’m not taking.  What matters, at least to me, is that I actually enjoy the new way of eating and have made it a lifestyle change.

Was watching another one of those “lose fat quickly” programs last night.  This one talked about balancing your proteins, fast carbos & slow carbos to manage sugar levels and become a “fat burning machine”. (Of course, they too had exercise DVDs, but they barely mentioned them…)   I have seen countless sites online each spouting another “sure fire way” to lose weight.

I understand that it is easy to get hooked by convenience and taste – especially convenience – when it comes to food selection.  I also understand what can happen just sitting and eating pounds of sweets every day.  I even understand a little (VERY little) of the biological mechanics of why things respond the way they do.  At least, in my body.  I’ve worked a lot with a good friend who is a nutritionist and very good at what she does.

Personally, I think any “diet” should be something you enjoy and can live with, otherwise how are you supposed to stick to it?  So I guess my question to you is back to “what does ‘healthy living’ mean to you’?” and if you practice “healthy eating” – what is it – and most importantly – does it accomplish what you want?


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