bones don’t hurt

if one more “qualified professional” tells me that bones can’t hurt I’m going to break something.  hopefully not their bones ….

my bones hurt.  my joints hurt.  my muscles ache.  and the neuopathy pain is beyond consolation.  and the doctor’s choice?  put me on an another anti-depressant.  yeah, yeah, yeah – Lyrica has been approved for treatment of neuropathy pain.  just because our illustrious FDA approved it doesn’t make it right.  plus, anti-depressants worsen my depression.  whether or not they’re ‘designed’ to do so – they do.

doctor threw around the “MS” insignia again yesterday.  of course, Kaiser has no real experts, to see a true MS expert i’d have to go outside Kaiser.  he did give me a consultation with neurology.

how nice of him.


6 thoughts on “bones don’t hurt

  1. Very sorry to hear you are in pain. I believe equal medical care should be given to all. Perhaps my views come from growing up here in Scandinavia, but it still makes me very sad to hear about people not getting the proper medical care that they need.
    I wish you strength and hope to carry on. Hugs.


  2. I’ve heard there’s a good “MS” doctor that I can possibly see in Milwaukee. I just don’t know how good. And I just love it when someone says that MS doesn’t hurt. Tell that to my arthritic joints that don’t have arthritis. And the bones that don’t hurt…


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