kaiser strikes again

My last appointment with my doctor was eye opening … and it wasn’t an eye exam…

He asked me if I could start doing my appointments online video.  Seems Kaiser is instituting that here and he wants to do his appointments that way.  Since he’s not a “touchy-feely” doctor (his words) and doesn’t really even like touching his patients (also his words) – video would work great for him.

I’d start looking (again) for a new doctor, but if this is now the “Kaiser way”, what’s the point?

… the word “kaiser” has never been on my fav’s list … history teaches otherwise … and now, it drops to a new low standard.


12 thoughts on “kaiser strikes again

  1. Well, Marcus, this is a great opportunity to show your displeasure. How about fixing up a mask of some sort and prop it up in front of your webcam. Then, when the doc logs into you, he’ll just see the mask. I’d suggest Micky Mouse, as in “this is pretty Mickey Mouse” doc.


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  2. Sounds like he’s a horrible Doctor. One benefit of Kaiser is that you can switch doctors at any time and keep switching until you find one you like. They are not all the same. Good luck.


  3. I am a bit late catching up, but I hope you do find another doctor!! This one doesn’t seem to be good at all, in my eyes! Granted, I don’t know much about him, but still, not a good feeling I get. You deserve to have someone who cares about giving you the best possible care. Good luck!


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