And Morning Still Comes

Dawn breaks and life greets the sun
Sparkles dance
Simple diamonds in a sea of white

Tranquil and calm

Like a snake shedding
The trees discard
Their second skin

All around the hush lays heavy
A quilt over the noise of the day
And peace reigns

I duck under a low branch
As the child within me giggles
In unashamed delight

I must stop
And take in this moment
Of utter joy and wonder



9 thoughts on “And Morning Still Comes

  1. Decent poem, Marcus. Every couple of years, we’d get some snow while we were hunting over on the western slope. It was great to get up in the morning with the bright sunlight sparkling off the snow crystals. My sister said that Boulder got over 20 inches of snow. Dang, that’s a lot!


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