held for observation

we’d like to hold you for observation

innocent enough words, right?
that’s what the doctor said the night I had my collapse
they wanted to keep me for observation
not admitted to the hospital – just held for observation


which means insurance didn’t cover

and I got the bill today

what they meant was they wanted to hold me to scam me

they will never hold me “for observation” again
admit me or let me go home

and that’s if


I ever walk in their doors again

I’d rather stay home and die


4 thoughts on “held for observation

  1. I can truly say that whenever I was “admitted for observation”, all the paperwork was done, and I was put on a ward with locked doors. I just recently finished paying off my medical bills, and any admissions will be done through the VA, which costs me nothing. I haven’t been behind those locked doors for several years now, and all wards have been renovated.


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