and the beat goes on

Ok, so due to pressure from readers … no, that’s a lie.  Yes, I had readers and friends all tell me I should go thru with the MRI and find out if I’m stroking out or not.  Or at least having TIAs.  So I’m scheduled for Monday the 7th.  They’ll do an carotid ultrasound to check neck blood vessels, then the MRI of the brain to check for signs of TIA activity or whatnot.

Am I thrilled?  No.  But I’m getting Ativan so it can’t be all bad.

[hey, at this point, I’m looking for the ‘good’ where ever I can find it …]


9 thoughts on “and the beat goes on

    • Thanks, Matthew. And you’re right – without the Ativan I’m afraid there would be no MRI. Now, if I could just convince the doctor that the same would be true with the blasted APAP they want me to use for my sleep apnea. The mask gives me terror – something I think the Ativan would help relieve. But it’s ‘habit forming’ so he’s reluctant to even talk about it.

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      • I would think that’s a hard place to be at. Those sleep machines are, as you said, terrifying indeed. My grandparents wear them and even though Im 23 I still think they’re going to murder me when they wear them. It seems like you have a good doc though. At least he’s trying to think of ways to help you instead of just getting you outta his office.

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  1. If a TIA – untreated can lead to a full blown stroke. I had a stroke in 2008- By the grace of God I am here still and completely restored and healed. Nothing to play around with. I thought just a bad cold and chest congestion and awoke unable to lift my toothbrush or use my left arm. I went to ER thinking fluid had settled in a nerve- they rushed me into Nuclear Cat scan with dye immediately and found I was having a stroke. Take care of yourself and listen to your body.


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