Healthy Living Update: Why Playing the “If-Then” Game Will Crush Your Chances of Being Happy

This is the second time in a little over a week I have heard this. Happiness is not delivered on a platter from something that happens or something we do or someone else does or …. take your pick. Happiness isn’t a goal.
I’ve been hold happiness, more than anything, is a choice. It is how we view ourselves in our circumstances. View-based, not “thing-based”. UGH.
So, for me anyway, the real question becomes “What would happen if I were happy?” Answering that question, as much as I may not like the answer, sheds a LOT of light on the subject …

Dream Big, Dream Often

I want to take a slightly different approach to today’s healthy living update.  I had a thought yesterday and decided to have a little talk about why playing the “If-Then” game will crush your chances of being happy.

2123046502_3ff1b36ce0_o.jpg image: Happy Dancers/Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

I lived a large portion of my life playing the IF-THEN game.  I was not a happy or fulfilled person and I felt like I was underachieving.  And this feeling of underachieving came from a place of unhappiness.  My feelings fed my thoughts which in turn created an insecure thought process, which created even more feelings of discontent; a never ending cycle of insecurity.  One continuously feeding the other in a symbiotic relationship of discontent.

I thought that IF I were to own my own business, THEN I would be happy.  IF I were to win a golf tournament, THEN I would be content.  IF I were to…

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