the day after and still alive

February 15.  Valentines day no more, hallelujah.  I can manage Christmas and birthday and Thanksgiving.  Well, my birthday anyhoo.  Mitchel’s birthday is a  different matter.

Yesterday was a first in so many ways, not the least of which being sober all day.  Not that I’m prone to being plastered, because I’m not much of a drinker at all any more.  Yesterday might have been easier if I were.  Of course, today would probably been more difficult so I guess everything evens out.

It would have been nice to have stayed in bed, cuddled up close to the man of my heart.

Surprisingly, I slept Saturday night.  Last night, however, is a not-too-distant memory.  Every excrutiating awake hour of it.

Maybe Just need sleep, but it feels like I need someone, not something.  Actually not just someone, either.

I do miss him.  Even now.



4 thoughts on “the day after and still alive

  1. Why should you not miss someone you have invested so much time and love in. It’s natural and unfortunately can go on for a long time. Don’t hold it in, share it.
    I’m on almost 3 years nw and it’s still like yesterday.


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