does being on my own mean being alone?

I have always felt alone.  Even when in a “solid” relationship – dreams and wishes have always remained silent secrets of the soul.  This morning I am covered with the overwhelming realization that I may be ‘on my own’ but I am not ‘alone’.  I have friends online I remain in contact with – people that maybe I’ve never met yet whom I find the need to stay in touch with.  Their lives have, for various reasons, become important to me and I find myself waking with the desire to know how they are doing.

I used to rely a lot on social media.  I lived in Facebook for a long time but I find more and more that is just a way for people to shout out their existence more than it is for them to share themselves.  Blogs don’t seem to run that way.  At least, not the ones I follow.  Here I have found people who are reaching out to touch and be touched.  Sharing more than just shouting.

I still feel alone a lot of the time.  Ok, most of the time.  But in those rare moments, like now, when I can take a more in-depth look at my life, I can see that isn’t exactly the case.  I am truly not alone, even if I am completely on my own.

Now if I could just find a way to deal with the loneliness …


3 thoughts on “does being on my own mean being alone?

  1. I would suggest joining hobby clubs where you have some interest in common with the other members but I know that would only ease the loneliness as long as you’re with them. Going home alone afterwards is back to loneliness. Unless of course you found someone to share a relationship with as well as an interest. Going home then may only seem like a short break before seeing them again and become more bearable.
    I wish there was a way to answer your question and give you some real help but I don’t do social situations well at all and I rely on my weekend for company.
    I hope you get your life back.


    • Thanks, David. Social situations are a bane here as well. I do great one-on-one, it’s crowds that do me in, and a ‘crowd’ can be any group larger than 3 people.
      To be in a relationship with someone would be ideal; it has always been good for me. Someone with whom I share an interest or three is best – but then I’ve never had a real relationship with someone that I haven’t had shared interests with.
      btw – you give me ‘real help’ simply by commenting as this way at least I know someone is out there who can communicate with me on whichever topic is at hand.


  2. I feel much the same way. I love the blogging world because you are right, we are connecting and sharing with each other more so than announcing our presence. I refuse to get Facebook. I hope you find avenues to deal with the loneliness. It’s difficult, that’s for sure, from my own experience.


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