Very Inspiring Blog Award


The Very Inspiring Blog Award comes to me from Art by Rob Goldstein
Robert’s blog is often inspiring, always thought-provoking. Between his art and his posts, he shows his inner strength and will to remain a survivor, a thriver, regardless of what he might encounter in life.

The rules:

Display the award and thank your nominator.

Nominate 3-5 people.

Highlight your nominees and the person who nominated you.

After your post is complete, copy the link and add it to a post of theirs.

My nominees: : Purpleanias is, in her own words, “…opinionated, a real bookworm, obsessed with words, interested in Fashion & Style.” I find her posts true and honest, coming from her directly, unfiltered by ‘P.C. regulations’ and therefor a real pleasure to read. : Another great blog coming directly from the author. Jason “tells it like it is”. There is no “good or bad” here, just honest day-to-day thoughts and ideas, masterfully expressed. I don’t have to sit and ponder to try to decipher any heavy philosophy – this is blogging at its finest. : I’m a musician, and this site gives me more than enough to lose myself in true artistry in music. You don’t have to “love jazz” to enjoy this site. Yes, it might help, but this blog goes so far beyond. I am constantly getting glimpses of the author simply by what is shared.

As usual, my nominees are under no obligation to accept the award. I nominate people I connect with – whether through their words or the ideas expressed. I am grateful for their willingness to go beyond simple text and actually give glimpses into the person behind the words.

Thank you, Robert. You honor me more than you may ever realize.



16 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Marcus, Marcus, unbelievable words you wrote about the place where I post the music I love and listen to, so happy that the tips about it are accepted – they really change my day, so did you with your wonderful words! Thank you!


  2. As I continue to look for clues on becoming a great blogger, your words really resonated with me. You said, ” I am grateful for their willingness to go beyond simple text and actually give glimpses into the person behind the words.”

    I am working on this…


      • Marcus – I was led to your blog from OM’s blog. When I commented I had not read your blog nor did I know what it was about. I hadn’t noticed the title either. I just read the post explaining the blog’s purpose. I am not sure if as a woman the statistic is 1 in 6, but I am in a statistic as well. Thank you for having the courage to share and inspire others. I am realizing that my P3 journey is very connected to my childhood experiences. Although I am learning to not use it as an excuse, it is very relevant. Glad I found your blog! Peace and blessings, Davina.


        • I’ve heard for a woman the number is more 1 of 4. Sad. And sad to hear that you share that statistic. Hopefully you are finding you can share the recovery. It’s an awful road sometimes, but together we can share what light we find. I hope your inner peace grows daily and you continue to find strength. I’m glad you found me – OM’s blog is a good source for lots of “enlightenment”.

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        • Yes, OM is who inspired me to take blogging seriously. I had many excuses to not blog and as I read his blog, I realized that it is alright to be free in expression and people will come back to read it. Now, he is like a friend to me (whether he knows it or not :-). Finding blogs like yours further inspires me to connect with people and realize that there is still goodness in the world despite the media and negativity we all face daily. Keep it up Marcus – thanks for making my day!

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