living to die or dying to live

Sometimes i’m not sure which road i’m on, and other times i don’t know if there’s really a difference.

Ended up in ER Monday evening, not feeling great.  The tech checking me in took one look at my eyes and grabbed a wheel chair.  He rolled me into a room but i collapsed before they could get me in a bed.  When i came to i found all these people around me treating me as a ‘code blue’.

They kept me overnight, sent me home yesterday evening after not being able to find anything wrong with me.  So now i have a note out to my regular doctor trying to get a walk in.  The ‘normal’ me would just drop the subject and wait for another ‘event’ and see if the medical professionals could find a cause.  Not this time.  i want answers.  Yesterday.


Old age may have its benefits afterall …


What are your thoughts

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