White, American, Christian Terrorists Are Still Terrorists… Aren’t They?

john pavlovitz

CW8OYgyWYAQuIcY.jpg-largeSelf-delusion is not an American ideal—or at least it shouldn’t be.

Someone really needs to inform the men hunkered down in a Oregon wildlife preserve that because it seems they missed the memo.

The standoff isn’t about good men being courageous in the face of evil.
It isn’t about righting a wrong.
It isn’t about standing up to a corrupt government.
It isn’t about defending the freedoms our country was built upon or about championing the Constitution.

This is grown men playing dress-up.
This is weekend warrior fantasizing, using live ammo.
It’s a Wild West wet dream come to life in a way that only white men could get away with.
It is petulance and tough guy bullying wrapped in nationalism and covered with the flag.

All of the threats and the taunts to the President and the “cold dead hand” posturing of these men reveal the truth. What we have here is little more than a bunch…

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