one more — just one more

if I read one more “oh it’s so wonderful starting a new year” or “it will be a great year” or ‘happy happy sunshine-y day” BS post I may positively shoot … something.  or someone.  or I don’t know.  but no more.  keep the tripe.  let’s go for truth.  life is hell.  and then one day it’s over.

end of story.


11 thoughts on “one more — just one more

  1. It’s just magical thinking to imagine that something has changed just because one digit on the date flipped over. Nothing has changed. Life is still shitty. All our problems still exist. Tell it like it is.


  2. You are right; calendar changes are meaningless. They don’t change anything but the photo on your wall calendar. I guess a new year might change the physical calendar, but that still doesn’t really make it any more significant.
    This time, I personally experienced a positive life change that coincidentally overlaps with the timing of a new year, but I still do agree with you. Life is what it is, the good and bad, ups and downs: calendars do nothing but remind us of what happened “this time last year”

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