Every moment I get older.  I feel older.  Well, at least today.  Yesterday with the snow I was allowed to telecommute and get my work done from home.  At one point I needed to go move the truck so the snow plow could finish that part of the parking lot.

So I bundled up and went outside.  Alone, much to the dismay of the mutt, but such is life.  Anyhoo – I’m trudging across the remaining packed snow and slipped.  WHAM!  Right on my bad elbow – the one with the fractured humorous.  Couldn’t think.  Seemed like forever, was probably less than 10 seconds and I was getting up.  Shoulder was NOT cooperating so I stuffed that hand in my coat pocket, finished going to the truck and moved it.  The plow driver was thankful.

Got back inside.  Ibuprofen/Tylenol, gentle easy movements to make sure nothing was out of place.  Sat down and reached for the TV remote.  That’s when I saw it.  My ring was gone.  Nothing fancy or expensive – something Mitchel had won for me at some fair thing years ago.  Sentimental as hell, though.  I knew my weight was going down.  I knew the ring was no longer tight but actually rather loose.

Plow had finished clearing the area where the truck was.  The area where I fell.

Maybe someone will find it come springtime.

Today I’m on ibuprofen, at work, doing my best to stay active..

I hurt like hell.

I do not like growing older.  I just hope I don’t reach the point where I’m no longer willing to put up with it…


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