grab the cookie while it’s warm

So this morning I’m giving myself a treat and celebrating with a nice breakfast instead of must my protein smoothie. With my weight loss, most of my things don’t fit anymore.  So last night I went out and bought half a new wardrobe.

I knew my weight had gone down.  I didn’t realize the effect it’s had already on my body.  I’ve lost an ‘X’ across the board.  My pants are down two sizes.  If I drop two more, I’ll be at my college waistline.  [i don’t see it happening – but hope springs eternal]

And no, I’m not “blowing it” with breakfast.  It’s still just the foods I should be eating – there’s no bacon, no grease, no syrup.  I’m still “on the wagon” — I’m just treating myself.

I don’t have many moments where I actually feel good about myself, where I feel I’m actually accomplishing something worth while.  You gotta strike why the iron is hot.  [yes, it’s cliché, but it fits – and right now I’m wearing things that fit]

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