The Bristlecone Project

I got nice comments back for my blog on MaleSurvivor — thank you all!  I’m going to take a chance today and tell you about the Bristlecone Project.
The Bristlecone Project, in their words, carries “Portraits and Biographies of Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse”.

Take good hold of your heart, keep kleenex close by, and read the stories of men putting their lives back together.  (you might even read an article on one of the bloggers here …)  They even have a short video of a select few of their men speaking.

They were recently mentioned in an Upworthy article. is sponsoring a Kickstarter awareness campaign to help them raise funds for expanding their video program.

This is a worthy organization, same level of impact on my life as MaleSurvivor – just in a different form.

If you have a minute or three – – check them out.