Meet and Greet…and a new Featured tomorrow!!!

We know a good way to find people whose blogs you might enjoy is to just visit other blogs.  But looking for them can be a bit daunting, which is why I promote anyone who offers a chance for your site to be seen – because they get input from a lot of different sites.

Well, here’s a chance to not only get links to LOTS of other blogs, it gives you the chance to be “Featured”. So not only might you find sites to visit, you could get visitors. I trust that’s reason enough to spend some time on YesterdayAfter.


Featured Image -- 2226

Hello everyone,
it is Friday here and it’s time for another
MEET and GREET Session !

I appreciate you amazing people participating to my weekly
“Saturday FEATURED Event”
new Blogs are welcome to leave links and comments here!!!

Every Saturday I pick a new Blog to Feature, Introduce and Expose
here on YesterdayAfter for one straight week on my side bar on a Widget named:

You Are FEATURED! Great Blogs!

I am very happy and I thank all of you for helping me with your participation and reblogs
to make this a nice and successful weekly event. We came across to amazing Blogs during this Feature!
I love to share my space and success to highlight other Blogs and Bloggers that are Inspiring and I admire.
Introducing and helping new ones to grow and expand their horizons and motivations during our amazing journeys here.

If you want this chance…

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