I have been asked why I am such a strong advocate of  I have spent some time looking back over my years of involvement with them, trying to compile all the things they’ve done for me.  Not that easy…

To start with – MaleSurvivor has forums for men to share, ask, answer, cry, pretty much say whatever they need to say.  They have forums for men only, and a forum for Family & Friends.  A forum for poetry, for men abused by women, by men abused as adults, humor, military survivors…  The list goes on.    There are more also if you join.  They do have a paid membership with annual memberships for $35, $65, and $100 – dependent on income.  And it’s honor-based.  You determine the amount, no one is checking up on it.  I have been a registered member since April of ’07, but only a couple of those years as a “subscribing member”.  I wish I could do more.  Hopefully someday I’ll be able to.

There are long periods where I just don’t get their website, then times when I practically live there …

They also hold Weekend of Recovery (WoR) events.  These are three days of incredible sharing and bonding between men who are survivors of childhood sexual assault (CSA).  I’ve been to three so far, two ‘Level 1’ weekends and one ‘Level 2’.  They also have a ‘Level 2’ for men and their partner/spouse/significant other — they hold the combined Level 2 every other year.

But the best way to learn about MaleSurvivor is to go look at their website ( and see for yourself.  –and before I forget to mention it, they also have a chat room, links for finding support groups / therapists, info for professionals and one for training … they’re just a phenomenal site run/managed by phenomenal men.

It finally dawned on me the biggest thing they did, the thing that has made the greatest difference to my life, is they gave me a safe place to find me.  And safe places aren’t that abundant for survivors.  Then add  that the members are incredible men.  It’s like being part of a support group without all the hype and “stuff” that so many have.

And when I had a major falling out with the support group that had been my lifeline for over five years – – a couple of the “key” people at MaleSurvivor were instrumental in getting me through the depression beyond anything I could have imagined.  This “support group” I was in had a couple of links at MaleSurvivor as “additional support” places in Colorado.  After hearing how the group moderators treated me, the links were removed from  I was heard.  I was believed.  Most of all – I was supported.

I can’t promise they will be that instrumental for everyone that goes there … I only know what they’ve done for me and the dozens of other men I have chatted with and met during WoRs.

They are what the say they are:

MaleSurvivor provides critical resources to male survivors of sexual trauma and all their partners in recovery by building communities of Hope, Healing, & Support.  (

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  1. Great information here! I’m so glad you are speaking up because I think it’s important men have a place where they can heal. Many times there is this stereotype that “Real men don’t cry” or that it’s “weak” to talk about your emotions. I was not aware such a website existed and I would like to share your post on my blog to help spread awareness 🙂 This topic remains under the radar I think. So glad there are advocates like yourself to help shed light on a topic that could use more attention. Cheers! 🙂 ❤

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    • Feel free to reblog or otherwise share anything from my site – it’s written to be read 😉 And yes, I would agree – very much “under the radar”. Partly because society looks at men being abused differently than women. A 14 year old girl in bed with a male professor is major headlines. A 14 year old boy in bed with a female professor is “lucky”.
      Thanks for stopping by – and for the encouraging words!

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  2. I am glad you have found such a place. You’re right. There are few places for men who are survivors of abuse, sexual and otherwise. Hope this topic can be brought to light more often.


    • Thank you for asking. They truly are a special place. Another is and their ‘Bristlecone Project’. The project is stories/pictures of many male survivors. I’m even buried in there

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