wednesday woes

this is not a good day
… ok, look again … this is not starting out a good day
yeah, that’s more accurate, i suppose.

what matters though, is it currently is NOT a good day.  bad night of almost-sleeping.  too many ancient ghosts.  tired of being alone and being too old to do anything about it.

then there’s my hands.  i looked at them this morning.  i mean REALLY looked at them.  they are his hands.  it’s bad enough looking like the man but did i really need to inherit his hands?!?!?!?

20151209_075228 i’ve always treasured my hands … probably comes from being a pianist/keyboardist and some from the fact that i make my living (such as it is) using my hands at the computer.

but this is insane

these are OLD MAN hands

i know – we all age. fact of life. yadda, yadda, yadda.

and maybe i’m overly tired.  ok, i AM overly tired.  doesn’t change the fact that my life is going nowhere.  maybe a good thing i’m single … who wants to share a life that’s going nowhere???

no.  this is NOT a good day.


3 thoughts on “wednesday woes

  1. You know, life can be such a cruel jester. But, those are YOUR hands even if you want to strangle him with them. Now, that’s interesting, strangle him with his hands. Sorry, I didn’t get much sleep either.


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