i love my job – no, really

I do not love DRIVING to my job. Not in fresh snow/slush/ice. Not with Colorado drivers. “But Marc,” you say, “CO drivers should be used to the snow, especially in Denver.” And I guess that would be true, if most of them weren’t California transplants that still believe the road was built for them, and that in their high-powered SUV they are invincible.

But my job, hmmm. It’s not that I hate my job… I love what I do, it’s my first real passion [at least the kind I could get paid for]. But I’m not sure about WHERE I work.  Nothing bad about the hospital, and it being a non-profit hasn’t hurt my salary any.  It’s just … if I’m going to be coding and programming, I’d much rather do it for myself.  Of course, there is definitely no pay in that, so here I sit.

I truly shouldn’t complain – I get to update my blog, not to mention read others.  I even have time during lunch to pound out a few paragraphs of the novel.  So it’s not a bad place to work.

I’m  60.  In a nutshell – there it is.  I’ve been working some 44+ years and I’m tired.  My life still revolves to some extent around the not-so-mighty dollar, and thus around salary, and thus around  job.  My schedule is controlled by someone else.  When I rise, where I spend my time, how I treat fellow employees [eh – I really don’t like working WITH people much more than working FOR people]

Not to mention it’s just that time of year.  From the day before my birthday late October until the 6th or 7th of January I am a mental disaster.  Depression rules and I find it almost impossible to concentrate.

Even here, so I’m going to post this and either update it later or make a ‘part 2’ post.





3 thoughts on “i love my job – no, really

  1. Hey there Marcus, sounds as if you are being surrounded by the dreary doldrums. I’m sorry about that. I have a difficult time with winters especially on dark dreary days and it doesn’t usually end until the warmth and beauty of Spring. However, I try to remind myself that all this snow blesses the land all the way down to the Gulf and it helps me to appreciate it. I wrote a tiny poem about the snow last year that you might enjoy, but right now I can’t remember the name. I’m working on a book of my poetry and hope to have it published in 2016. That is what I generally do throughout the winter months.

    You probably noticed that I’ve been gone again. I did post a Thanksgiving poem but aside from that I’ve been making books for my children’s Christmas. I’ll post pictures of the outside of the books and you’ll understand why it took so long.

    Take care of yourself and hang in. I agree regarding the CA drivers but what can you do? Never having encountered snow they have to learn how to cope.


  2. Hi Marcus, be grateful I do not drive in your CO snow as a born and raised CA native now living in the desert, i know my limitations. I find being a Christmas rebel cheers me up. It has become a warped holiday. Imagine having a birthday celebrated the world over where the mere mention of your name is called offensive. And it isn’t even celebrated on the day of your birth. Then, a scene of your birth is offensive so it can’t be shown. But, please participate in BLACK FRIDAY to make sure everyone buys gifts for your birthday to put retailers in the black for the year. Put those gifts under a tree that now has to be called a holiday tree because a Christmas tree is offensive, but it’s the only holiday that involves a tree and ‘holiday lights.’ I officially quit Christmas as it is known. It is the most depressing time of year for dysfunctional family members. The dread of seeing people that make you want to scream. My solution is to do my own thing. I give to charities, I don’t do stress and I don’t make up excuses why I won’t attend parties. I tell everyone “I quit Christmas, but thank you for the invite.” More than half have told me they are jealous. It takes courage but once you start, it’s fun. Good luck, you can do this. Turn off the TV and Christmas commercials. Make your day as normal as possible. Be an observer of your thoughts and the world of craziness around you, it’s very calming.


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