whose life is it, anyway??

Dear Dr. xxxxxxxx

I understand you believe you have my best interests in mind, but I believe that’s only if and when I agree with the treatment recommendations you make. And I do mean “recommendations”. You prescribe. Rather like the car mechanic suggesting. You do not rule, you do not have final authority. I do.

You have chosen far more medication than what is needed for my health. Granted, back when I was a slouch, a couch-potato, would eat whatever whenever — yes, at that time I may have needed the small pharmacy you have me consuming. However, things change. Even in a couch-potato’s life.

As mentioned when we last spoke, I have rewritten my life. My diet is completely changed, and I have an exercise regimen. Minor, perhaps, but even a small amount of exercise is better than none. As you have seen, I have dropped forty pounds already. My need for all these poisons in my system regulating my body has diminished.

For that reason, I will only take 2 doses of XXX a day, not three. The one at noon makes me extremely drowsy and unable to concentrate; I don’t need it. For the past three months I have not taken the diabetic med YYY. As you have seen in my latest tests, my sugar is the lowest it’s ever been. And that is without having to swallow a horse pill twice a day. And last, but certainly not least, the blood pressure meds. You have me on three. I am no longer taking one of them. You said yourself my BP is outstanding. And that’s without taking pill ZZZ.

It is time for you to correct the prescription list in my medical records; remove the things I no longer need and no longer take. It doesn’t really matter if YOU think I need them – I do not. And if a woman’s body is her own – then so is a man’s.

My body.
My life.

Fix my records.

Cordially yours,



3 thoughts on “whose life is it, anyway??

  1. Bravo! Love this Marcus! Truly, if a drug works for 30% of the people (as most drugs), they prescribe it to 100%. It is insanity, not what you deal with, illness. Why don’t docs ever prescribe natural foods, juicing, exercise and positive influences, loving yourself and your illness unconditionally and holistically as the path to happiness, health and well-being? Get off the drugs which don’t work, have crappy side effects and cure nothing. Nice going!


      • I’m proud of you! It doesn’t take long to feel the difference and you have had dramatic improvement, that is awesome! Health is everything for looking at life and enjoying what you see. Big drug companies would prefer to have everyone on something or several somethings, no $$$ in whole foods.


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