Today is a day I should have stayed in bed

…or under the bed. Mondays – gotta love ’em. [hating them takes too much energy]

Talking to a coworker and gesturing, as I have a tendency to do, and knocked over my water bottle.


So I’m wiping down my desk, trying not to kill my keyboard and starting to think maybe I have too many monitors. Especially when I have to lift each one, wipe the water under it and on the bottom of the stand… My coworker made a comment about I should have closed the top, like it is in the picture, instead of leaving it open. [look at it closely, he STILL hasn’t got it fully closed] I said “yeah, probably so” and reached over to close it.

You know it – knocked it over AGAIN.

Now water has definitely gone EVERYWHERE. [not everywhere, he barely got any on himself] So several several paper towels later and my area is basically dry. Water bottle is closed too. [only took him two spills to learn that one]

I get the department’s 24/7 phone tomorrow. That’s what my coworker and I were talking about – him giving me the phone in the morning.

… you don’t suppose I knocked it over because subconsciously I don’t want that **** phone? [subconsciously, hell. very consciously]


5 thoughts on “Today is a day I should have stayed in bed

  1. So one time when I was deployed in Afghanistan I knocked a large monster drink over and directly into my laptop. Basically poured the whole thing in there. I made the excuse that my laptop was almost out of batteries and needed some energy (har,har) but I was dying inside. Us gesture inclined people have it rough.

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