fishing … or phishing

I suppose it’s not ‘phishing’ because I’m not trying to defraud anyone out of account information, but any way you term it the outcome is the same. I’m truly beginning to not enjoy this whole ‘Discovering Marcus’ thing that therapy digs up. Just getting new nightmares alone is reason to stop…

I have discovered something rather interesting – though whether it’s about me or my readers is a question… I can go back over older posts and see some that were written mainly to get comments. Good or bad wasn’t necessarily the point – a few posts here and there are geared towards getting feedback.

What makes it most interesting is these are the posts that get no feedback. Or minimal at best. I can outright ask questions in a post and no one answers. I suppose this indicates my readers are far more intelligent than perhaps even they believe, to see through whatever ruse and just ignore my pleas for attention.

[i am not a child, i do not need people to fawn over me so i can feel important]

The sad part of this, I suppose, is I believe I know at the time the post is being written that its purpose is to gain attention, to win comments from people. Therapist would say that’s normal. From my past, I tend to crave compliments, being told anything about me is worthwhile. But, because of the same said past – I won’t accept compliments as even possibly being true.

[supposedly it’s all tied up in the old ‘self-fulfilling prophecy bs’]

Of course, I’ve said for a long time that people don’t ‘read’ anything, at best they skim over it, missing 95% or more of the real message.

Yet I still find it interesting … partly amusing … that the posts written to get the most attention end up getting the least.


2 thoughts on “fishing … or phishing

  1. That is odd…but some of it may be simply the length of time that you’ve been blogging. I didn’t start to get comments until I’d been blogging for over six months. Also, the more comments I give the more I get…It’s ok to want approval and a sense of belonging. It’s OK to want attention. We’re social animals so some of that need is instinctive; it enhances survival.


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