the blessed curse of ultra thin hair

My hair has never been “thick and lustrous”. Not even just thick. [may be why I’ve always had this thing for guys with thick, rich hair…] since the heart attack it’s gotten MUCH thinner, which I’m not crazy about. However, this morning I was reminded why it’s not ALL bad.

Snowing [yay!!] this morning. Melting like crazy too, but that’s a different story. Point is by the time I walked from my car to my building at work, my hair was soaked. That would be the ‘curse’ part. However, once inside, I just took my handkerchief [left it folded, btw] and rubbed my head a few times. Then brushed my hair back down with my hand. Vwallah! Dry. Yeah, that’s the ‘blessed’ part.

Don’t know which part is more weighty, the blessed or the curse — but I’m not going to worry it. At least not right now. It’s more fun watching people try to cross the street this wet, slushy morning, without getting splashed by cars racing by. [an advantage to getting to work early – much lighter traffic to cross…]


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