If You Haven’t Visited These 2 Pages, Then You Are Missing an Incredible Opportunity!!

Ok folks. Roll up your sleeves and start using offered resources to get more readers. If you don’t … we won’t even go there.

Dream Big, Dream Often

image credit: MostlyBlogging.com image credit: MostlyBlogging.com

image credit:michaelathonyrios.wordpress.com image credit:michaelathonyrios.wordpress.com

About a week or so ago two blogs joined forces on a mission to help other bloggers gain more exposure: Michael’s Origins and Most Blogging.  The idea as I understand it is to share other’s articles on Reddit and Stumbleupon as a way of gaining more views and followers.

I have no experience with either platform but quickly became a believer this past weekend.  Michael shared my post and I received over 120 views this past weekend.  That might not seem like a ton, but for a lot of my readers that are also bloggers, that could easily surpass daily totals!  For me it represented about 7% of my weekend totals views!!

That is free exposure for my page and a huge endorsement for Michael and Janice!!

If you have any questions, as I did, you can contact either Michael or Janice through…

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