one of THOSE days

This is one of those days when i don’t want to be here. Not at work. Not at home. Not anywhere on this love-forsaken rock we call “earth”. In one day i have dealt with more homophobic, hateful rhetoric than a person should hear in their lifetime. Because NO ONE should be spreading HATEFUL LIES about ANYONE. Especially those YOU DONT EF’N UNDERTAND.

Wow. That felt good. Wish i could say it helped. But i’m not surprised. Nothing helps. Oh, some things might alleviate for a while. But i am broken beyond repair. And too damn old to worry about it any more.

i need a nice long sleep. Permanent would be nice. And don’t sweat – it’s not like i would do anything fatal to myself. i’ve thought about it too much – and with the way i screw up everything, i’d screw that up too and end up a veg not able tell anyone how much i hurt. Not even able to express it in a blog.

Life … isn’t life. It’s at most an existence in a physical plane until we are released from this prison and our soul become one with … {insert your own personal beliefs here}

one of THOSE days.

i hate them so much

2 thoughts on “one of THOSE days

  1. I’m sorry you had such a bad day. No one deserves to have to endure hurtful and hateful messages. I’m glad you won’t do anything to hurt yourself. Your life is worth so much more than the misery those jerks try to inflict on you.


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