rain rain go away

manrain1 Actually it’s nice out, just very wet. Since I work indoors at a desk it shouldn’t bother me I suppose. Though I’d enjoy it better if there was thunder rolling around. I love loud electrical storms…

There is a place I know is best
For permitting me some peace and rest

I simply draw within myself
And lay my troubles on a shelf

The mental act of doing such
Amazing how it helps so much

I have no wish to face the pain
Without loud thunder and pouring rain

That hold my grief beneath a mask
Buried so deep that none will ask

About what troubles me that day
When there’s naught I care to say

But if the day is clear and bright
I can’t hide sorrow try as I might

So in early morn or evening late
I simply just dissociate


10 thoughts on “rain rain go away

  1. I told my therapist that I had met another make survivor and that I was surprised at the similarities in the way we experience our minds.

    Her comments were that illness of any sort if usually a ‘syndrome’ of recognizable patterns. The way these patterns play out in the lives of people is unique….and that research shows that the patterns of response of male sexual abuse survivors is different than the patterns women show.

    I thought you might find that interesting.


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