Hello world! A book By Just Another Survivor “Whole Again”

Surviving? Here’s a well-written 1st-person account. Well worth every minute you spend with it.


Hello Everyone,

I am Justanothersurvivor.  I am on several web sites for people who have been sexually abused as a children A couple of my favorite sites are Malesurvivor.org and Dailystrength.org.  Yes I am a survivor and in the course of my recovery I wrote a book about my abuse and recovery process.  The book is titled Whole Again and is availible at Amazon.  However,  I did not write my story for financial gain.  In fact anyone who has written a book about their abuse will know just how hard it is to profit from such a book.  So yes it is for sale for those who want a hard copy.  The intent of the book was two fold.  First and formost to aid in my recovery and secondly to help others.  To this end I have published my book in its entirty in this blog for everyone to read…

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