To like or not to like

…that is the question. Do you ‘Like’ posts in the blogs you read? Do you comment? Leave any trail for the writer to be able to thank you for “stopping by”? I know I’m terrible about commenting. I ‘Like’ a lot – but that is too easy to do. Commenting takes time, and usually takes thought 😉

This came to the forefront for me today while I was reviewing my blog stats. Always interesting to me how many of my posts have been viewed. Since I’m still pretty much a newbie (less than a year) is probably one of the reasons I still review those stats. Though I do think I will always review them, regardless of how long I blog. The inquiry there is — will they still affect me as strongly as they do now?

But I digress. I am used to days of 5 views, 2 likes. 14 views, 8 likes. – that kind of thing. A while back I got a whopping 68 views! (freaked me out). What tickles me most is in 68 views I got 1 ‘Like’. 1 ‘Like’ and 3 comments. When I first started blogging I would have viewed this as total failure. But back then I thought if a person didn’t ‘Like’ a post, they really didn’t like the post. Now that I’ve been blogging and reading much more – I realize how lazy I myself am at ‘Like’-ing or commenting on posts. Again, I admit, I ‘Like’ more than I ‘Comment’, but neither one is consistent.

Another question for self (mine and/or yours)… When I read something I really don’t like, should I leave a ‘Comment’ anyway? I don’t mean a rude or spiteful review, but honest. Not “this is great” even though it set my teeth on edge… I’m not good at this either. But maybe that’s one occasion that I should “hold my peace”. (used to think that should be “piece”, but that just reads WRONG – especially for us menfolk)

And no, I’m not begging (or even asking) for you to leave a ‘Comment’ or to click the ‘Like’ button. Just asking you to think about your habits in this realm and ask yourself – is that what you want from others?


3 thoughts on “To like or not to like

  1. Interesting post…being a newbie I too get excited when the blog stats go up and when i receive likes and comments. I generally make it a point to like the posts which I truly enjoy and also try and leave a comment but if I don’t like something, I don’t do anything coz I believe everyone puts in a lot of thought and effort in making a blog post..But yes constructive criticism can indeed help sometimes 🙂

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