a novel idea

A long time back I wrote a very short prologue for a book I knew I’d never write. Well, something got into me – the muses started whispering in my ear, I suppose. Anyhoo, back in July I got this idea to look at writing the story based on this “prologue”. Now, 12 chapters later, I stare at the thing and wonder where in the “h-e-double-hockey-sticks” (lol) the words are coming from. So anyhoo, I decided I would post my progress, tell the world (or that small, small portion that follow my ramblings) that the in-progress “masterpiece” is available for reading.

Gay vampire love. Very, very ‘G’ rated (unless you think “gay” or “vampire” requires PG-13…) Anyhoo, if anyone is interested – the story is here, just keep in mind it is definitely a work-in-progress…

Tomorrow’s Shadow


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