what then, should I write?

My mind has splintered into several “interest groups”. Each demanding control of the main CPU, otherwise known as the brain. Processing power is a premium and currently should be focused on the task at hand, ergo, employment. Instead I’m reading and partial reading and searching and looking and reading …

One of the threads currently unraveling in my mind is that of multiple blogs. More and more I’m reading where someone mentions “in my last blog” or “in my other blog” – why would people have multiple blogs? More importantly, HOW do you manage multiple blogs? I wouldn’t know which one to visit or when. A blog for abuse survival (ok, that’s what THIS one started out as), a blog for my faith, a blog for my music, a blog for this, a blog for that …

If I truly wanted to have that many avenues for posting, wouldn’t it make more sense to build categories and keep all writing here in one blog? Or is it too confusing to find music, videos, prose, poetry, and “basic blog posts” all at one place? By not specializing, am I driving people away?

Which brings up another question – why do I want to gain readers? If it’s to help anyone I can (the original purpose of THIS site), then how is that accomplished? Regardless of the reason – how does someone draw others to read and/or follow their blog? I’ve heard about commenting on other sites, re-blogging from other sites, etc – but that all sounds like gimmicks. When I comment or re-blog something, it’s because I’ve been touched by whatever I read.

And is it just a selfish urge to want to reach others? Am I motivated by sheer narcissistic pleasure/desire? If it is just ego, it would be better to stop blogging completely and fold up shop. Go back to journaling and keeping to myself.

I feel I have much to say, but when I sit and actually try to say something – this is what I end up with 99% of the time. Pure, unadulturated, rambling. Nonsensical tripe.

For that matter – why am I writing this now? Do I really believe people will be interested in reading this … stuff? Good, bad, or indifferent – why is this something I want to share?

Or is it just wanting to share “me”. To reach out and find someone reaching back. To touch a life and have a life touch me. To know I matter in this mass of on-line-ness.

The real question isn’t whether or not I’ll post this, but how long I leave it before I trash it………………………..


4 thoughts on “what then, should I write?

  1. I’m reading it, it matters to me, don’t trash it. We write because we need to feel and for some of us, like me, it is where I meet God, more powerfully and deeply than within silent prayer. I write for me, for my health for the health of others. I write because I have to in order to get better. I write so others can get better. No matter one or twenty likes I don’t care, one comment can change my whole night. Of course we need to know we matter, but I know I matter to God and I am doing what He’s asked me to do.
    Love to you-

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  2. Here is what I’ve learned in the year since I’ve started blogging. There are people who use social networking as a numbers game and you are right, for them brief comments and re-blogs are gimmicks. I’m with you when it comes to re-blogging the work that I find relevant to my topic. For instance, if I could I would re-blog your intro because of the one in six statistic.

    There are people who have multiple blogs because it makes sense as a marketing strategy.

    WordPress has a vibrant community of published writers so for them a promotional blog makes sense.
    You wrote: ‘And is it just a selfish urge to want to reach others? Am I motivated by sheer narcissistic pleasure/desire? If it is just ego, it would be better to stop blogging completely and fold up shop. Go back to journaling and keeping to myself.”

    My reply: I think that most altruism is motivated by the selfish desire to make the world a better place for ourselves and the people we love.

    Sometimes narcissistic pleasure is the starting point for self discovery.

    My point is that my life feels less alien to me today because there is another guy telling a story that is a little like mine.

    I think that’s good for both of us.

    I’m glad I found your blog…:)



    • I need to remember to keep kleenex handy … 😉

      Wow, what a great comment. First – you could always copy/paste the 1in6.org statistics into your own post; or copy my site url I suppose, though it’s probably just the 1in6 stuff you’re wanting to reblog. \

      I, too, am glad you found my page and I in return found yours. As much as I wish that I was the only one this ever happened to – so that no other man would ever need to experience anything close to where I am … I’m thankful I’m not such a unique case. Sure felt that way for years. And you’re right – it does feel “less alien”.

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      • The most difficult aspect of ‘survival’ for male survivors of abuse is that the power dynamics that are typical of females are often reversed for us.

        If the abuser was a woman then for us the replication compulsion often involves hooking up with abusive women.

        In our culture the perception is that males always have the upper-hand with women and female sociopaths will work this fallacy to death in their abuse of men.

        I watched my Mother destroy my Father socially and economically and through it all she was treated like the helpless victim.

        At times the social stigma that surrounds male survivors only compounds the damage and the pain.

        It is therefore crucial that we talk to each other. There is no other way for us to heal.

        Regarding your “about me” entry:

        I would never copy and paste another person’s work into my blog but if you’d like to send it to me as a ‘guest blog’ I’d be happy to do that. I can link it to the post on your blog.

        Here is my email address:





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