How Do You React in the Face of Tremendous Adversity?

“When you face adversity I want you to stand bravely and proclaim to the world that you are not afraid any longer to succeed. Prepare yourself. Do not shrink. Be strong, have faith and plan your future.”

You should really read the whole post.

Dream Big, Dream Often

3950078_1429260939_0243_updatesSeveral months ago I remember telling my wife I would give everything I owned to experience one day of relief from the MS symptoms.  Well, the last 2 weeks had been great.  The temperatures here in the greater Charlotte area have been very pleasant with lower humidity and the reduction in heat allowed my body to recover a bit.

It was incredible to experience as it has been so long since I was symptom-free that I can no longer recall what it is like to not hurt.  And as soon as relief came, it left.  So it is living the roller coaster ride called Multiple Sclerosis.

Since Sunday my symptoms have come back with a vengeance.  It is not often that I cry because of MS, but Sunday got to me and I shed a few tears on Evelina’s shoulder.

MS is a very emotional disease.  It causes so…

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