no more pills

i am tired of taking pills.  pills for everything except getting old because they have no pill for that.  pills for the effects of getting old, yes.  and heaven help me, they want to add another one.  the past 3 years i have chanted “no more pills” and for 3 years i’ve been ignored.  no more.  if they want to prescribe me a pill they have to take 2 away first.  what’s best for me is listening to my heart, to my psyche, to the person crying out for just ONE of them to hear me.

gp says “blood test, we need to see about adding another medication”  which part of NO MORE PILLS do these people not understand???  i refuse to start taking my morning pills in two handfuls cause i can’t get them all down in one.  they’re buying me “10 more years”.  10 more years of this??  the pain, the depression, emptiness, loneliness, AND PILLS???   nu uh.  so i die at 72 instead of 82 big frickin deal.  social security is disappearing – there won’t be any money for all these meds.

so forget it, Doc(s).  it ain’t gonna happen.

… and the first person who says i need a pill for my attitude, dies.


2 thoughts on “no more pills

  1. Well I am not dead yet!
    I, like you couldn’t handle all the pills, with a broken neck swallowing water is hard for me. I kept telling doctor after doctor I don’t have high blood pressure, I just hate doctors, more pills, until my body made them take notice by going toxic and I stopped breathing for 6 1/2 days. That was August of 2012, when I woke up I bit the head off of anyone trying to give me medicine of any kind. I stopped everything except for my insulin, Lidoderm, and thyroid pills. I went mostly vegetarian eating red meat only for my birthday, I have now a great group of vitamins and here I am surviving, no, thriving! Listen to your body and your heart, research, keep fighting for your right to live pill free. I won’t lie, it’s hard and scary but I am living proof that it can be done.


    • Congratulations on the pill reversal! That is fantastic. I started working with a nutritionist, she’s done wonders with friends but I’ve kept putting it off (my typical response to change) until I finally decided enough is enough. So we’ll see what happens… Also started with an acupuncturist, and THAT was a step of courage, or foolishness or something 🙂 Don’t know if I could give up red meat except once a year – but eating more fish & non-red-meat protiens so … who knows. My turning point on the meds was when the doctor prescribed an inhaler for a bad cough. Used twice. Major heart attack. One of the inhaler warnings? You guessed it. Can cause heart disease or some-such;. SIGH. I will be free I will be free 🙂

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