No Leftovers


There is no comfort in life
      no softness in a pillow
      nor warmth in a quilt

Sleep does not give rest
      and activity does not bring peace

Every muscle – every joint – every nerve
      aches with a sadness too severe for words

Sorrow weighs down my soul
      like heavy dew to the tender shoot

Pain – if it can be called pain
      for nowhere does it reside
      and nothing hurts – yet everything suffers

I want to raise the drawbridge
      and keep myself safe
      isolated – and alone

But fear attends my every moment
      his brother anguish beside
      and sister depression together

My spirit has no escape
      nor do I seek one

Though I make the movements of one searching
      in truth I do not look

For in seeking I might find
      and in finding realize I have no right to hurt
      in the first place

Surely I cannot maintain
      with a future so bleak
      and present so empty

Nor should I wish for such
      which leaves me

            with nothing


4 thoughts on “No Leftovers

  1. Is it okay with you if I pray for you? Pain is so lonely and the worst is when it originates from those who are supposed to be our caregivers. Just know that I am saying a prayer for you every day, and that I pray for your peace. Visit me any time. You are welcome.


    • I have no problems with people praying for me. His word calms the sea, I know it can mend hearts and souls. It just gets a little harder when part of the problem is not feeling worthy enough to ask. So I thank you. And I shall be over to your pages soon. Thank you for the invite 🙂


  2. I think that’s the first time someone has used the phrase “playful format” on something I’ve written. Not even “Someone Like Me” got that one… I appreciate so much your comments – and now you’ve reblogged this. I am beyond words. (ok, so I’m not, evidenced by the fact I’m writing way too many of them right now). It’s always a very pleasant surprise when someone takes notice of one of my writes – more when they comment – but on those occasions where one gets re-blogged, the thrill goes off the charts! 🙂 Thanks bunches!


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