notalgia paresthetica

a minor thing, actually. a never-ending itch on the back – caused by nerve pinch, with my degenerative/arthritic back “this is to be expected” according to the doc. (remind me to find a new doctor) positively going to drive me further insane. sent a note to my acupuncturist — nerve related? his needles might be able to work wonders. so I guess he’s looking it up before my appointment next week. of course – this is “typically found in middle-aged women” (thanks again, doc — did I mention needing a new one?) although many sources attribute it to deteriorating spine (as noted earlier) which doesn’t exactly sound like “middle-aged women”. and treatment success stories are few and far between. WHY ME
getting real real real real real tired and frustrated. take a step forward and 6 back. right now i just want to find a dark corner to curl up and ………… (don’t say it and it won’t be true) …… sleep. curl up and sleep. this is an ITCH for …… sake! this should be a minor fix-up. but then insurance companies won’t get their $$$$ if treatment is quick and effective.
eh – what the heck. if family heritage means anything – I only have some … 20-25 years left to endure this. (somehow that does not make me feel better)


What are your thoughts

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